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The word valley is a noun.  Valley means (1) a long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word valley.
  • East Valley Tribune
    Local, community focused, Arizona news is printed in the East Valley Tribune. The newspaper is based in Mesa, AZ, and serves Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek. It is published every Wednesday. It covers news, business, sports, and includes other special sections.
  • Silicon Valley Mercury News
    Published by the editors of the San Jose Mercury News, this online portal features editorial and advertising content that is intended for a San Jose, California audience. Editorial sections include News, Photos, Business, Tech, Entertainment, Living, Opinion, Publications, and My Town; advertorial sections include Jobs, Cars, Real Estate, Classified, and Shopping.
  • WalMart.com
    Walmart.com is a subsidiary of Walmart Stores, Inc., located in Silicon Valley. Walmart offers low prices and a wide variety of products. On the website, shoppers can choose from over 1 million items. Also on the website is information about finding a store, Walmart facts, information about orders, and much more.
  • Fresno Bee
    Founded in 1922, the Fresno Bee is a daily newspaper serving Fresno, California and the San Joaquin Valley area. It's owned by the McClatchy Company and has a daily and Sunday circulation.
The following articles provide recent valley-related news.
  • Inside the Happy Valley house
    As the final series draws to a close, the BBC gets a glimpse of the real life house of the Cawood clan.
    BBC News.  Friday, 03 Feb 2023 18:39:17 GMT.
  • Reports Say Young Drinkers Are Over Wine. What Do Winemakers Think?
    It's a crisis, the Silicon Valley Bank says, as Millennials and Gen-Z's diversify their drinking habits into not just wine, but spirits and hard seltzers.
    By Kate Dingwall, Contributor.  Forbes.  Friday, 03 Feb 2023 10:25:51 -0500.
  • The Times podcast: Colorado River in Crisis, Part 5: The Valley
    California's Imperial Valley has some of the lowest rainfall in the state, yet uses the largest allotment of Colorado River water. How did such an arid part of the state become an agricultural powerhouse?
    Los Angeles Times.  Friday, 3 Feb 2023 13:00:17 GMT.
The following digital image illustrates the word valley.
Wye River Valley in the Summertime Wye River Valley in the Summertime
Wye River Valley in the Summertime

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