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Virgin Islands is a proper noun.  Virgin Islands is (1) a group of islands in northeastern West Indies (east of Puerto Rico) discovered by Christopher Colombus in 1493; owned by United States and Britain.
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  • British Virgin Islands
    The British Virgin Islands are composed of about 60 different islands; they are a popular vacation destination. BVI travel and tourism links are included on this page.
  • US Virgin Islands
    The U.S. Virgin islands are comprised of St Croix, St John, and St Thomas. Learn more about these Caribbean islands and find helpful travel guides for planning a relaxing vacation getaway.
  • The Moorings
    The Moorings is a charter yacht and sailboat rental company. It is primarily for sailing experts but can have a crew as well. This company is active in the Virgin Islands which is a popular destination for winter getaways from the colder United States.
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Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands

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