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The word vision is a noun.  Vision means (1) the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses, (2) the ability to see; the faculty of vision, (3) the perceptual experience of seeing, (4) a vivid mental image, (5) a religious or mystical experience of a supernatural appearance.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word vision.
  • Laser Vision Correction Directory
    Browse this laser vision correction directory for information about laser vision correction services in the United States of America. The photo on this page shows a person receiving Lasik laser eye surgery to correct his vision.
  • Eyeglass Lenses
    Eyeglass lenses correct refractive errors in vision. Lenses may be for nearsightedness or farsightedness; they may be unifocal, bifocal, or trifocal.
  • Freedom Scientific
    Freedom Scientific produces assistive and adaptive technology for individuals who are blind, or how low vision or learning disabilities. The website contains information about products that can take notes, translate documents into Braille, screen magnification devices, and the accessories which go with these products. Also online are links to support services and training.
  • Vovici
    Vovici is an aggregation of the words voice and vision. This name represents listening to the customer. Vovici, which began in 2005, has developed a survey method that they call The Feedback Driven Action Model, which moves beyond the simple survey to bring more instantaneous and constant feedback to businesses. The website lists products, services, clients, news and events, and more.
  • Travel.State.Gov
    This service of the United States Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) provides information and resources pertaining to international travel, passports, and visas. The Bureau's mission is to protect the lives and interests of American citizens abroad and to strengthen the security of the nation's borders. The Bureau's vision is to help American citizens engage the world.
  • American Hiking Society
    As the national voice for America's hikers, American Hiking Society promotes and protects foot trails and the hiking experience. The Society's vision is that hiking, foot trails, and their surrounding natural areas inspire Americans to get outdoors, volunteer, and protect trails. As the national voice for hikers, American Hiking Society strives to promote hiking, build a nationwide constituency of hikers and trail stewards, and advocate for hikers in the nation's capital.
  • Experience Columbus
    The vision of Experience Columbus is to create and reveal the best of the Columbus experience to the world. The mission of Experience Columbus is to sell, market and promote the Destination Columbus experience to visitors.
  • PMMI
    The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies is a trade association made up of member companies that manufacture packaging, processing and packaging-related machinery and packaging machinery components as well as containers and packaging materials in North America. PMMI's vision is to be a global resource for packaging and processing; its mission is to improve and promote members' abilities to succeed in a global marketplace.
The following articles provide recent vision-related news.
  • Three Steps To Make Your Year End Planning Good For The World
    Year end planning is never easy, particularly amid today's uncertainty and ambiguity. Having our own authentic, three dimensional vision of success keeps us grounded, focused, and motivated. Here are three steps to do just that.
    By Nell Derick Debevoise, Senior Contributor.  Forbes.  Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020 11:23:01 -0500.
  • Arlo deals for Black Friday 2020: Price cuts on Arlo Pro 3, Arlo Ultra and more
    Arlo is one of the top home security systems you can invest in, giving you smartphone-controlled cameras, motion detection and night vision - all with
    Conor Allison.  Pocket Lint.  Monday, 23 Nov 2020 17:19:47 +0000.
  • Light-controlled nanomachine controls catalysis
    The vision of the future of miniaturization has produced a series of synthetic molecular motors that are driven by a range of energy sources and can carry out various movements. ...
    Science Daily.  Friday, 20 Nov 2020 11:38:52 EST.

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