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West Virginia is a proper noun.  West Virginia is (1) a state in east central United States.
The following articles provide more information about the term West Virginia.
  • WV.gov - West Virginia Directory
    Charleston is the state capital of West Virginia. Learn about the West Virginia state government operations and services. Find information about West Virginia business and education; read about living, learning, and working in the Mountain State.
  • West Virginia Map
    West Virginia is the 41st largest USA state, surrounded by Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Visit this site to learn more and find printable road, topo, and relief maps of West Virginia.
  • West Virginia Real Estate Guide
    Learn about urban, rural, and suburban real estate markets in West Virginia. Real estate agents, buyers, and sellers will appreciate the West Virginia real estate resources on this page.
  • West Virginia Atlas
    West Virginia state history, geography, and travel information are the subjects of this West Virginia atlas page.
  • West Virginia National Parks
    This National Park directory page lists National Parks, Historic Landmarks, and Natural Landmarks in the State of West Virginia. An interactive West Virginia map, plus photos and highlights, are included thereon.
  • West Virginia University
    WVU is a public, land-grant institution established in 1867, and located in Morgantown. There are over 27,000 students and 1870 faculty members. 35% of the degrees awarded are graduate or professional degrees. The WVU School of Pharmacy is considered one of the top 10 in the country; there are also schools of law, medicine, nursing, dentistry, & journalism. Application information on the website.
  • Kentucky Map
    Kentucky is the 36th largest state in the United States, and is bordered by Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, and Illinois.
  • Maryland Map
    Maryland is the 42nd largest state in the USA, bordered by Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, and the Atlantic Ocean. Visit this site to learn more about the state and find printable maps of Maryland.
  • Ohio Map
    Ohio is the 35th largest state in the USA, bounded by Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, and Kentucky. Visit this site to learn more about the state and view printable maps of Ohio.
  • Pennsylvania Map
    Pennsylvania is the 32nd largest state in the USA, bordered by New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware, West Virginia, and Lake Erie. Visit this site to view printable road maps of Pennsylvania.
  • Virginia Map
    Virginia is the 37th largest state in the USA, bordered by Maryland, North Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Visit this site to learn more about Virginia and find printable maps of the state.
The following articles provide recent West Virginia-related news.
  • Powerless: The high cost of cheap gas
    When the U.S. declared the discovery of natural gas reserves large enough to propel the country to energy independence, property owners in West Virginia could never have imagined how that discovery might affect them. ...
    CBS News.  Thursday, 11 Jul 2019 16:29:52 -0400.
  • Natural gas boom creates jobs at a high cost in West Virginia
    A natural gas boom in the U.S. is creating much-needed jobs and keeping electricity costs low, but it's come at a high cost for some homeowners in West Virginia. ...
    CBS News.  Thursday, 11 Jul 2019 15:26:11 -0400.
  • AT&T (T) Invests in West Virginia Networks to Extend Reach
    Building upon its planned investments in West Virginia, AT&T (T) continues to extend the reach and improve the capacity of the FirstNet communications platform.
    Zacks Equity Research.  Zacks.  Tuesday, 09 Jul 2019 13:01:00 GMT.
  • Plane makes emergency landing in W.Va. shortly after takeoff
    CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - Officials at a West Virginia airport say a plane with 60 people on board made an emergency landing shortly after takeoff with a possible problem with the landing gear. ...
    Washington Times.  Monday, 08 Jul 2019 06:17:46 -0400.
  • American Billionaire Among 7 People Killed In Bahamas Helicopter Crash
    Chris Cline, a West Virginia native who came to be called the King of Coal, was en route to Florida when the copter went down in the waters off Grand Cay.
    Amy Held.  NPR.  Friday, 05 Jul 2019 15:05:37 -0400.
  • Billionaire Coal Baron Cline, 6 Others, Dead in Bahamas Helicopter Crash
    Coal tycoon and self-made billionaire Christopher Cline, 61, was among seven people who died in a helicopter crash on Thursday in the Bahamas, the Register-Herald of West Virginia reported, citing friends of Cline.
    Newsmax.  Friday, 05 Jul 2019 06:46:19 EDT.
  • Why You Need to Visit 'Wild, Wonderful' West Virginia in 2019
    "Wild, wonderful." That's what you'll see on the West Virginia license plates zooming southeast down U.S. 60 from Charleston. The farther you go, the thicker the Appalachian forest grows.
    Southern Living.  Southern Living.  Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019 19:02:55 +0000.
  • Lack of Internet Access Hobbling West Virginians
    VOA travels to the Southern region of West Virginia to learn how lack of connectivity is affecting members of a farming community.
    Voice of America.  Friday, 21 Jun 2019 05:29:02 -0400.
  • Woman accused of false abduction report to appear in court
    A West Virginia woman is due in court on a charge of falsely reporting to police that an Egyptian man tried to kidnap her daughter from a shopping mall.
    Fox News.  Monday, 17 Jun 2019 09:10:19 GMT.
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West Virginia Flag

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