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The word woven is an adjective.  Woven means (1) made or constructed by interlacing threads or strips of material or other elements into a whole.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word woven.
  • Woven Gift Basket
    A beautiful bow adorns this woven-wood gift basket. A jar of olives, some sausage, cheese and crackers peek up from the shredded stuffing. There is also a bottle of olive oil to drizzle across the goodies.
  • Textile Fabrics
    Textile fabrics are made from weaving, knitting, crocheting, and many more techniques. Use this website to learn about different varieties of textile fabrics.
  • Oriental Rugs
    Oriental rugs date back 2500 years and are handmade woven or knotted carpets. Learn more about oriental rugs on this helpful site.
  • Citrus Fruit Gifts
    This basket of bright orange fruit is a very appealing gift. The woven basket has been lined with shredded green paper to add a cushioning and festive touch. Gift baskets such as these are often shipped direct from the grower.
  • Wicker Furniture
    Wicker furniture is constructed of hard woven plant fibers such as willow switches, rattan stalks, or straw reeds. Wicker furniture was popular in Victorian times and continues to hold nostalgic appeal.
The following articles provide recent woven-related news.
  • How to quickly start Google Meet video calls in Gmail
    Google has deeply woven its Google Meet service into Gmail, by allowing anyone to easily access the video-conferencing service directly from the Gmail
    Maggie Tillman.  Pocket Lint.  Tuesday, 19 Jul 2022 16:55:03 +0100.
  • The geometry of abstraction by artist Sean Scully
    Colorful grids and stripes woven together represent the signature style of the celebrated artist, the subject of a career retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
    CBS News.  Sunday, 17 Jul 2022 09:19:42 -0400.
  • 3 Compelling NFT Projects Your Company Can Learn From
    From unforgettable cinematic moments to photojournalism at its finest, these three NFT drops can remind businesses how much pictures are worth when they're inextricably woven into a shared cultural history.
    Lion Shirdan.  Entrepreneur.  Friday, 27 May 2022 17:00:00 GMT.
The following digital image illustrates the word woven.
Woven Serving Mat Woven Serving Mat
Woven Mat Texture

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