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The word wrench is a noun.  Wrench means (1) a hand tool that is used to hold or twist a nut or bolt, (2) a jerky pulling movement, (3) a sharp strain on muscles or ligamentsWrench is also a verb that means (1) twist suddenly so as to sprain, (2) twist and compress, as if in pain or anguish, (3) make a sudden twisting motion.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word wrench.
  • Work Clothing
    Visit this work clothing manufacturer directory for information about work clothing manufacturers and wholesalers in the USA. The photo on this page depicts mechanic tools in a blue jeans pocket.
  • Basic Tools
    There are certain basic tools that should be available in any home. Learn more about hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other basic household tools with this helpful tool guide.
  • Plumber Careers
    This plumbing contractor page comprises information about plumber careers in the United States of America plus a photograph of a plumber holding a red pipe wrench.
The following articles provide recent wrench-related news.
  • One wrench for 450 nuclear-capable missiles?
    CBS News correspondent David Martin asked Sec. Hagel about a report that there had been only one wrench available to attach nuclear warheads to 450 missiles spread over three bases. ...
    CBS News.  Saturday, 27 Mar 2021 10:08:11 -0400.
  • The Best Allen Wrench Sets for Your Tool Box
    This basic but indispensable tool has been with us for over 100 years. While the concept of the best Allen wrench set remains the same, manufacturers have developed many useful variations.
    Bob Beacham.  Bob Vila.  Tuesday, 16 Mar 2021 15:39:01 -0400.
  • Trump is throwing a wrench into what is usually a seamless transfer of power
    As he exits the White House President Trump is disrupting many of the most critical and cherished traditions of handing power from one president to another.
    David S. Cloud, Eli Stokols.  Los Angeles Times.  Wednesday, 20 Jan 2021 06:00:17 -0500.
The following digital image illustrates the word wrench.
Adjustable Crescent Wrench and Hex Nut
Adjustable Crescent Wrench and Hex Nut

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