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The word off-road is an adjective.  Off-road means (1) designed for or used for or taking place on trails and beaches etc instead of public roads.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word off-road.
  • ATV Accessories
    An ATV is a small open vehicle designed for off-road us. There are important differences between sport ATVs and utility ATVs. Website visitors can learn all about ATVs and the various available accessories.
  • Off-Roading
    Off-road motorcycle or dirt bike riding occurs on rugged terrain off of paved highways and streets. Learn more about off-road dirt bike riding with this helpful guide.
  • Mountain Bike Parts
    Mountain bikes are specifically designed to handle bumpy off-road riding. Learn about mountain bicycles and find links to mountain bike manufacturers and distributors.
  • Buying a Bicycle
    View this website to learn tips about buying a bicycle, whether it be a road bike, off-road, or a cruiser. Information about each type of bicycle is included.
  • Dirt Bike
    A dirt bike is a light-weight motorcycle designed for off-road riding. Visit this site for more information about dirt bikes, as well as information about selecting a dirt bike and dirt bike safety.
  • SUV Accessories
    SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. SUVs are popular for navigating off-road as well as in everyday driving situations. SUV accessories can include seat covers, floor mats, tow hitches, ski racks, and more.
The following articles provide recent off-road-related news.
  • Lincoln's next-gen MKC to be called Corsair
    Dealers were shown the Lincoln Corsair, along with the next-generation Ford Escape, Explorer, Mach 1 battery-electric crossover, a small off-road SUV and a Lincoln Continental with suicide doors late last month at a meeting in Orlando, according ...
    AutoNews.com.  Monday, 18 Jun 2018 00:01:00 EST.  Subscription required.
  • Paraplegic climber injured on Ben Nevis challenge
    Shaun Gash faces losing the lower part of his right leg after it became caught under his off-road wheelchair.
    BBC News.  Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018 11:42:01 GMT.
  • Mars Curiosity rover detects ingredients for life
    History's greatest off-road vehicle finds organic molecules, seasonal methane.
    Yahoo.  Thursday, 07 Jun 2018 16:40:00 -0400.
The following digital image illustrates the word off-road.
Off-road Vehicle Stuck in Mud
Off-road Vehicle Bogged Down in Soft Dirt

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