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The word portal is a noun.  Portal means (1) a grand and imposing entrance (often extended metaphorically), (2) a short vein that carries blood into the liver, (3) a site that the owner positions as an entrance to other sites on the internet.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word portal.
  • Chosen Sites Portal
    Founded in 2002, the Chosen Sites web portal consists of a general directory and a series of niche websites which offer topic overviews plus convenient access to information, products, and services.
  • Brazilian Tourism Portal
    The Brazilian Tourism Portal is a source for finding out about Brazil as a tourist destination. The website has links to beaches, culture, ecotourism, sports, business and events. There is also information about hotels, destinations and itineraries, tips for travel to Brazil, and much more.
  • USA.gov - US Government Official Web Portal
    The website provides links to all kinds of information and services of the U.S. Government. It is organized by subject and by audience. There are links to auctions, benefits, grants, jobs, and much more.
  • Science.gov - Government Science Portal
    Science.gov is a gateway to government science information provided by U.S. Government science agencies, including research and development results.
  • Yahoo
    This web portal site features news and information about a broad selection of topics, as well as convenient access to email, shopping, and search features.
  • City Maps
    This city map portal reviews the growth and development of cities throughout the ages and provides access to maps of major cities in the USA.
  • State Maps
    Inaugurated in 2005, this site is a convenient map portal offering access to political, topographical, and relief maps for each US state. Each individual state map website also offers state-specific geographical and travel information.
  • AOL.com
    AOL (American Online) is one of the oldest Internet providers. It pioneered many now common portal elements such as instant messaging and chat rooms. Originally a subscription-based site, it is now free. Many subject categories to search.
  • City of Dallas
    This official Dallas City web portal has information about elected officials, city services, and government departments. Read about the Dallas city government, and learn about visiting and living in Dallas, Texas.
  • Excite
    Excite is a well-known web portal that can be completely customized for each user. It was one of the pioneering portals, developed in the 1990s. It provides a variety of services such as searching, email, stock quotes, weather, and much more.
  • Go.com
    Go.com is a web portal operated by the Walt Disney Internet Group, which also owns ABC News and ESPN, among others. All Walt Disney Internet Group subsidiaries use Go.com.
  • HotBot
    HotBot is a simple search engine portal. It began in 1996 as the Wired search engine but has since become a front-end for searching Ask.com and msn. The website has the advantage of being simple to use and offers the option of applying various filters before searching.
  • Kids.gov
    Kids.gov is the official kids' portal to the U.S. Government. It links over 1200 web pages from government agencies, schools, and educational organizations, all geared to the learning level and interest of kids. Users search by grade level or educator, then by educational topic. On the homepage are news topics of interest to kids and more.
  • MSN
    MSN is short for Microsoft Network. MSN is a major Internet portal. Website has Hotmail, Messenger, current news, weather, entertainment news, stock quotes, and much more.
  • USGS - The National Map
    This United States government map portal provides access to maps produced by government agencies such as the USGS, Census Bureau, Forest Service, NOAA, and National Park Service.
  • W3Schools
    w3Schools is a free web development portal with tutorials on web development subjects such as HTML, JavaScript, and many others. There are also numerous examples for users to look at. The topics covered are tutorials, browser scripting, server scripting, multimedia, .net, references, quizzes, validation, certification, and more.
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this online portal features editorial and advertising content that is intended for the Atlanta, Georgia audience and market. Sections include Local News, Nation & World, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Health, Travel, Obituaries, and Shopping.
  • Boston Herald
    Published by the editors of the Boston Herald, this online portal features editorial and advertising content that is intended for a Boston, Massachusetts audience. Sections include News & Opinion, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Inside Track, Blogs, Photos, Video, Obituaries, Features, and Classifieds.
  • The Charlotte Observer
    Published by The Charlotte Observer, this online portal features editorial and advertising content that is intended for a Charlotte, North Carolina audience and market. Editorial sections include News, Sports, Entertainment, Living Here, Business, and Opinion; advertorial sections include Shop, Jobs, Homes, Autos, and Classifieds.
  • Chicago Tribune
    Published by the editors of the Chicago Tribune, this online portal features editorial and advertising content that is intended for a Chicago, Illinois audience. Sections include News, Business, Sports, A&E, Lifestyles, Opinion, Real Estate, Cars, and Jobs.
  • The Dallas Morning News
    Published by the editors of The Dallas Morning News, this online portal includes editorial and advertising content that is intended for the Dallas, Texas audience and market. Editorial sections include News, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Life, Health, Travel, and Opinion; advertorial and advertising sections include Autos, Real Estate, Jobs, Shopping, and Classifieds.
  • The Detroit News
    Published by the editors of The Detroit News, this online portal features editorial and advertising content that is intended for a Detroit, Michigan audience. Sections include News, Sports, Business + Autos, Entertainment + Lifestyle, Opinion, Photos, and Video.
  • El Paso Times
    Published by the El Paso Times, this online portal features editorial and advertising content that is intended for the El Paso, Texas audience and market. Editorial sections include News, Opinion, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Communities, Living, Spanish, and Obits; advertorial content includes Shopping, Advertising, Jobs, Cars, and Real Estate.
  • Detroit Free Press
    Published by the editors of the Detroit Free Press, this online portal features editorial and advertising content that is intended for a Detroit, Michigan audience. Sections include News, Sports, Michigan Business, Entertainment, Life, Better Michigan, and Obits.
The following articles provide recent portal-related news.
  • Daimler buys 20% stake in VW's Heycar used-car platform
    Daimler will buy a 20 percent stake in Heycar, a used-car portal launched last year by rival VW.
    AutoNews.com.  Thursday, 13 Sep 2018 05:59:46 EST.  Subscription required.
  • Sculpture uses shards of city's history to welcome future
    TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - A blighted entryway into downtown Toledo is being transformed into a portal that celebrates the city's history of transformation, transportation, manufacturing, and innovation. ...
    Roberta Gedert.  Washington Times.  Saturday, 08 Sep 2018 11:56:19 -0400.
  • Why Europe's OTAs are acquiring brick-and-mortar agencies
    OTA On The Beach has acquired Classic Collection Holidays to invest in, build and launch an online booking portal to provide travel agents with access to a portfolio of mainstream beach holiday product under new brand Classic Online.
    Katherine Doggrell.  Hotel Management.  Monday, 27 Aug 2018 18:48:45 +0000.

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