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The word content is a noun.  Content means (1) something (a person or object or scene) selected by an artist or photographer for graphic representation, (2) the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned, (3) what a communication that is about something is about, (4) everything that is included in a collection, (5) the amount that can be contained, (6) the proportion of a substance that is contained in a mixture or alloy etc., (7) the state of being contented with your situation in lifeContent is also a verb that means (1) satisfy in a limited way, (2) make contentContent is also an adjective that means (1) satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word content.
  • Publishing
    User-generated content is any content that is authored by a website user. Most social media sites contain some user-generated content, but social media sites that allow users to create entire pages of content are called user-generated content sites.
  • Mamboserver.com
    Mamboserver is a free, online content manager. Users can adopt one of the Mamboserver templates for handling web content or make one their own. The templates have been created for many kinds of categories such as real estate, e-commerce, personal and many more.
  • Accessify Forum
    Accessify is a website that makes available free downloads that help make a user's website more accessible. The Forum is a partner site that provides a place for users to discuss issues related to web site content. The Forums are on topics such as legal issues, beginner help, news, site critiques, and more.
  • FeedBurner
    FeedBurner provides media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeders. Their tools help bloggers, podcasters, and commercial publishers promote, deliver, and profit from their content on the web. FeedBurner also features a feed and blog advertising network that aggregates a number of well-known media sources. The website explains fully what feed burning is.
  • Open Text Corporation
    Open Text, developed in 1991 at the University of Waterloo in Canada is a market leader in Enterprise Content Management (EDM) solutions. Open Text supports 46,000 customers and millions of users in 114 countries and 12 languages. Their primary product is LiveLink. The website offers more information about their products, customers, events where they will be demonstrating the products, and more.
  • Plone
    Plone is a ready to run content management service. It works with Zope, a widely-used open source web application. Plone is free and the website provides information on setting it up and also a list of sites that use it.
  • typo3
    Typo3 is a web content management framework. It contains information for developers who already know what typo3 is and are trying to make it work and develop websites with it. On the website, users can download the software, view websites that have been developed with Typo3, purchase books and view supporting documentation, and much more.
  • Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
    This website, a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and several Universities, aims to help users understand the protections of the First Amendment and intellectual property laws give to online users. It addresses abuses where a site owner is forced to remove information that may or may not be against the law. The site is searchable by topic such as copyright, linking, and more.
  • StatCounter
    StatCounter is a free invisible web tracker. The user downloads a simple code on the website, and the site will keep track of all kinds of statistics, such as number of visits, key word activity, visitor paths, and more.
  • Textpattern
    Textpattern is a flexible, easy to use management system that is free and open-source. Textpattern offers a way to program without complicated programming languages and systems by its use of Textile, which is a simple syntax for moving and formatting data. The website contains information about hardware requirements, specific information about using the software, and selected Textpattern sites.
  • Social Media Pages
    Social media, by definition, is media content that facilitates conversation and participation, rather than traditional media content, which only delivers material to the end-user.
  • El Paso Times
    Published by the El Paso Times, this online portal features editorial and advertising content that is intended for the El Paso, Texas audience and market. Editorial sections include News, Opinion, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Communities, Living, Spanish, and Obits; advertorial content includes Shopping, Advertising, Jobs, Cars, and Real Estate.
  • Internal Pages
    Internal web pages consist of every page on a website except the home page. This website reviews the purpose, content, and structure of internal pages and their relationship to website home pages.
  • Hutchinson Encyclopedia
    Users can browse a subset of the Hutchinson Encyclopedia at no charge. Access to the full 75,000 article content requires a subscription.
  • A List Apart
    A List Apart is an online journal for people who design and develop websites. The articles focus on web standards and best practices. The site is in sections including Code, Content, and Culture as well as Design, Process, and User Science.
  • Business Wire
    Business Wire is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway that provides commercial news distribution for thousands of member companies and organizations. Provides news releases, regulatory filings, photos, and other multimedia content. For financial professionals, journalists, and the general public.
  • Canada.com Network
    Canada.com is operated by CanWest Media Publications. It offers newspapers, television, and unique online content from many well-known sources. Canada.com also has classifieds and late breaking news that can be accessed for free. Subscribers have access to more information and archives.
  • Comcast
    Comcast, located in Philadelphia, is a provider of cable, entertainment and communications products. It is involved in broadband cable networks and in the delivery of programming content. Comcast serves customers in 39 states. The website describes the company and its services. Also on the site are prices for each of the services.
  • Drupal
    Drupal is a free software package that allows users to publish, organize, and manage a wide variety of content on a website. Website contains information about what Drupal can do, offers support for the system, and offers add-on modules such as pods, blogging, podcasting, picture galleries and more.
  • Education World
    Founded in 1996 to make the Internet more user friendly for educators. The website includes: a search engine for educational sites only, original content such as lesson plans written by educators, site reviews, daily features and columns, teacher and principal profiles, chats, and employment listings. All services are free.
  • Movable Type Publishing Platform
    Movable Type, founded in 2001, is a publishing platform designed to meet the website content management needs of growing organizations and to serve as a social media platform for creating community-driven blogs and communities. The website contains information about the products they market, how to use them, ordering them, and a blog. There are also examples of sites that have been created.
  • MP3.com
    MP3 is a music site that caters to artists who want to promote their material and to listeners. Content includes major record labels, independent music labels, fan ratings, blogs, bios, reviews and more.
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