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The word racing is a noun.  Racing means (1) the sport of engaging in contests of speed.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word racing.
  • Auto Performance and Racing Products
    Browse this auto performance and racing products retailer directory to find auto performance and auto racing product retailers in the USA. The abstract illustration on this web page depicts auto racing concepts.
  • Auto Racing Directory
    Browse this auto racing vendor directory for information about auto racing products and services in the United States of America. The colorful drawing on this page illustrates the concept of auto racing.
  • Road Bikes
    Road bicycles, also known as racing bicycles, are designed for road cycling. As such, the most important elements of a road bike are its weight and aerodynamic riding position.
  • Buying a Dirt Bike
    Dirt bikes are typically designed for either racing or trail riding, so the type of bike you choose will depend on the type of riding you plan to do, as well as your size.
The following articles provide recent racing-related news.
  • Shutdown looms as Trump weighs next move on border wall
    WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress is racing to avoid a partial government shutdown next Friday over President Donald Trump's border wall. ...
    Lisa Mascaro, Matthew Daly and Catherine Lucey.  Washington Times.  Friday, 14 Dec 2018 18:02:10 -0500.
  • 'F1 racing quality could improve by 20% in 2019'
    Ross Brawn, Formula 1's head of motorsport, says various car changes in 2019 could result in a 20% improvement in the quality of racing.
    BBC News.  Friday, 14 Dec 2018 14:01:41 GMT.
  • Tip helped thwart possible Ind. shooting
    Police in Indiana credit a phone tip for helping thwart a potential mass shooting at a school. The tip sent police racing to Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond Thursday. ...
    CBS News.  Friday, 14 Dec 2018 12:32:34 +0000.
The following digital image illustrates the word racing.
Horse Racing
Two Horses and Jockeys Racing

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