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The phrase bulletin board is a noun.  Bulletin Board means (1) a board that hangs on a wall; displays announcements, (2) a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest.
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  • Invision Power Services
    Invision Power Services produces and sells software for businesses and communities. Its products include IP Board, bulletin board software; IP Blog which plugs into IP Board; IP Downloads, a comprehensive download manager which integrates with IP Board; and IP Gallery, for picture-hosting needs. Learn about these products, companies who use them, and how to purchase them.
  • Phpbb
    This website offers an Open Source forum solution using the php programming language. Since its inception, phbBB has become a popular Bulletin Board product. Key features include powerful permission systems, private messaging, search functions, a customizable template and language system, as well as support for multiple databases. There is no charge for this software.
  • YaBB Forum
    YaBB, begun in 2000, is a free, open-source community forum system (bulletin board, message board) written in Perl. On the website, users can find information on the history of YaBB, the sponsors, the various downloads available, a YaBB Community Forum, and testimonials.
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Bulletin Board Illustration Bulletin Board Illustration
Bulletin Board with Thumbtacks and Bulletins

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