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The word forum is a noun.  Forum means (1) a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece, (2) a public facility to meet for open discussion, (3) a public meeting or assembly for open discussion.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word forum.
  • YaBB Forum
    YaBB, begun in 2000, is a free, open-source community forum system (bulletin board, message board) written in Perl. On the website, users can find information on the history of YaBB, the sponsors, the various downloads available, a YaBB Community Forum, and testimonials.
  • Accessify Forum
    Accessify is a website that makes available free downloads that help make a user's website more accessible. The Forum is a partner site that provides a place for users to discuss issues related to web site content. The Forums are on topics such as legal issues, beginner help, news, site critiques, and more.
  • World Economic Forum
    The World Economic Forum, founded in 1971 in Geneva, Switzerland, is impartial and nonprofit and is committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas. The website contains description of its initiatives, some of which include disease prevention and water treatment efforts.
  • The Math Forum @ Drexel
    Search for information and answers to problems; new problems of the week; games; hobbies; cool sites; chat areas; and other sources for math students at all levels.
  • Web Directory Forum
    Registered users of the board discuss a variety of issues, including directories and directory scripts, web hosting, search engine optimization, web design, and others. Registration is free, but required for participation.
  • StatCounter Web Tracker and Counter
    This forum is designed to assist the community of StatCounter users. StatCounter is a service that counts the number of people who visit a particular website.
  • The Source for Java Developers
    The Sun Developer Network is an information source and forum for Java developers and other users of Java software.
  • Opera Community
    My Opera is an ad free site for blogging. The software offers sharing of photos and it works with phones. Opera forum provides a place for users to discuss Opera systems. People and Groups provide access to the blogs.
  • DirectAdmin
    DirectAdmin, a Canadian company, produces and sells control panel software. It allows businesses to set up an email menu, FTP menu, DNS menu, Statistics menu, Front Page Extensions, a Subdomain menu, and more. The software is customizable. There is an online tutorial, a forum for discussion of the products, and a support site.
  • Digital Photography Review
    DPreviews, founded in 1998, provides news, reviews and information about digital photography and digital imaging. On the website, users can find reviews and feedback about all types of cameras and other equipment. Further links are to the buying guide, a gallery of photographs taken by the individual cameras, a discussion forum, a glossary and learning site, and more.
  • Economist.com
    This is the online website for the well-known British economics journal. The online site offers analysis of world business and current affairs, as well as news, an online forum for debating issues, city profiles, and more. The online site requires a subscription.
  • Indeed
    Indeed, founded in 2004, is a search engine for jobs. One search gives jobseekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. Employers can also post jobs on Indeed. There are links to job trends and salaries. Users can read a blog that offers information for employers about how to find the best applicants, and also a forum of user questions and replies.
  • JavaWorld
    Written by Java experts, JavaWorld.com offers online tutorials for using Java, downloadable Java code, a forum in which users can trade ideas and discuss problems. The website also contains news and reviews of products, forums that provide tips for new and old users, and job listings.
  • PBase
    The mission of PBase is to be the best place to show photos on the web. On the website users can search for photos in online galleries, which are groups of photos by a particular artist or search by subject or camera type. There is also an online forum where users can talk about PBase, cameras, technical issues, and more.
  • Phpbb
    This website offers an Open Source forum solution using the php programming language. Since its inception, phbBB has become a popular Bulletin Board product. Key features include powerful permission systems, private messaging, search functions, a customizable template and language system, as well as support for multiple databases. There is no charge for this software.
  • United Nations
    This is the website for the United Nations, located in New York City. The UN was begun in 1945 with the goal of maintaining world peace and to provide a forum for countries to work together on global problems. There are 192 member nations in the General Assembly, and 5 permanent members of the Security Council of which the U.S. is one, plus 10 non-permanent members with one year terms.
  • WebMaster World
    This site is a service to the web site administrator community. The site acts as a forum for members to share and gain knowledge in operating and promoting a website. Users must register, but this is a free site. On the site is information about latest developments in the Internet world, web hosting issues and options, PC and Unix software usage, HTML and browsers, website analytics, and much more.
  • Web Standards Group
    The Web Standards Group is for web designers and developers who are interested in web standards. The Group has 4821 members from 117 countries who discuss problems and issues through the Forum on this site or by attending meetings. The website provides information about joining.
  • WMPlugins.com
    This is a resource for enhancing Windows Media Player with plug-ins, skins, and visualizations. The website describes the products and how to order them. It also has an interactive forum where users can discuss the products with other users.
  • Apple Discussions
    Online support forum for Apple MacIntosh, IPod, IPhone, and IPad users. Arranged by subject.
  • National Sporting Goods Association
    The NSGA works in behalf of sporting goods retailers, dealers, and wholesalers, as well as manufacturers and industry associates. They have a forum to address industry problems and concerns, to exchange ideas, and network and increase communication.
The following articles provide recent forum-related news.

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