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The word email is a noun.  Email means (1) (computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that is generated at the recipient's terminal when he logs inEmail is also a verb that means (1) communicate electronically on the computer.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word email.
  • Email Security
    Many firms fail to realize the importance of email security. With cyber crime on the rise it is vital that your messages are sent via encrypted email. Email encryption is fast and easy with SSLpost.
  • Lyris
    Lyris, started in 1994, is a provider of email marketing software and list hosting services used by over 5000 companies around the world. The website describes their products and services, lists the many companies that use them by business type, has a downloadable free trial, and information about purchasing and setting up the systems.
  • phplist
    Phplist is a one-way email announcement delivery system good for newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, and other uses. It has a web interface that allows users to write and send messages, and manage them over the Internet. It also has features like a tracker that lets the sender know how many users have opened the newsletter. The website provides detailed information about phplist.
  • Yahoo
    This web portal site features news and information about a broad selection of topics, as well as convenient access to email, shopping, and search features.
  • Campaign Monitor
    This website provides software for designers who need software to send each campaign, track the results, and manage their subscribers. One of its features is a subscribe/unsubscribe processor. The software is used by major companies such as Ebay and McDonalds. On the site are a description of its services including templates and examples.
  • Hotmail
    Hotmail is a popular free webmail service by Microsoft. The original hotmail was launched in 1996, but it has added many features since then. Users can get current mail, save drafts, forward, keep an address book, set up group address books, maintain a personal calendar, and much more.
  • Sympa
    Sympa is an open-source mailing list software package. The software is able to build mailing lists based on RDBMS (many supported databases) and LDAP directories. Some of its more advanced features are a bulk emailer, service messages and web pages defined by templates, external antiviral plug-in, and much more. The website describes the program, downloading it, service, and other users.
  • Domain Name System
    If it weren't for the domain name system (DNS), it would be difficult to do the things we expect our computer to do these days, like contact each other, display email, or open web pages.
  • Yahoo! GeoCities
    This is a site on which a user can build a free website. The site is supported by paid advertisers. Users can search for other sites by general topic. The site offers a free domain name, unlimited email, virtually unlimited web site space, and support.
  • My Earthlink
    Earthlink is a web search engine. My Earthlink is the customizable home page. Users can choose what they want to appear on their homepage, such as news, sports, shopping, email, and much more. Contains links to many major online businesses such as Ebay, L.L. Bean, and Netflix, among others.
  • Thesaurus.com
    This is a wonderful website for anyone who loves and uses words. There are links to a visual thesaurus, a written thesaurus, dictionary, encyclopedia, and other tools. The site also contains a translator, an interactive crossword puzzle, and a guide to style, usage, and grammar. Word FAQ's provides information about etymology and other word facts. Users can also sign up to receive a free word-of-the-day via email or Facebook.
  • ChangeDetection
    ChangeDetection is a free service that provides notification of changes to website pages. If a change is detected they will notify the user by email. Furthermore, every time a user's website changes, all visitors to it will be notified. Set up is fast and ChangeDetection will tell the user how many visitors have been notified of changes.
  • Conference Alerts
    This website brings together conference organizers and academics. The website is based in South Africa and lists conferences around the world, by subject and by location. Organizers can list a conference for free, and academics can subscribe to a free email alert system.
  • DirectAdmin
    DirectAdmin, a Canadian company, produces and sells control panel software. It allows businesses to set up an email menu, FTP menu, DNS menu, Statistics menu, Front Page Extensions, a Subdomain menu, and more. The software is customizable. There is an online tutorial, a forum for discussion of the products, and a support site.
  • EngineHosting
    EngineHosting is a website hosting and management company. They offer such services as Load-Balancing whereby groups of services work together to provide email, web, and other services to clients; Scalability, the easy ability to grow from a small site to a large one; fast service, even when there is a lot of traffic on the site; and excellent technical support.
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center
    EPIC, located in Washington D.C., is a public interest research center. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values. It publishes EPIC Alert, an email and online news service on civil liberties in the information age. There are other resources, publications, and tools on the website.
  • Excite
    Excite is a well-known web portal that can be completely customized for each user. It was one of the pioneering portals, developed in the 1990s. It provides a variety of services such as searching, email, stock quotes, weather, and much more.
  • Hotwire
    Hotwire is an online travel agency that offers discount airfares, hotel reservations, car rentals, and vacation packages. The company is able to offer low prices because they are in contact with airlines and hotels who let them know about empty seats and unsold rooms, which Hotwire then offers at a discount. Also on the website are special deals and sign-up to receive news by email.
  • InfoSpace
    Founded in 1996, and located in Bellevue, Washington, InfoSpace provides two services: Online Search and Delivery, and Mobile. Both deliver information and entertainment to consumers. Users can access white pages, yellow pages, web search, maps & directions, browse categories, reverse phone, near an address, email search, worldwide directories, and more.
  • Lycos
    Lycos is a popular search engine that was developed at Carnegie Mellon University in 1994. Aside from the usual email, weather, and search capabilities, Lycos concentrates on entertainment information, such as games and cinema.
  • MoveOn.org: Democracy in Action
    An early version of MoveOn was begun in 1998 in California, but in 2001, Eli Pariser of Maine began another organization aimed at promoting restraint in our response to 9/11. Pariser later joined forces with the California group. Today MoveOn has more than 3 million members who receive updates by email about events and issues in the current political climate.
  • Mozilla Project
    Mozilla is a not-for-profit organization that develops and disseminates software products. They are the producers of Foxfire, a popular web browser, and Thunderbird, which provides access to email. The website describes the Mozilla Foundation and also provides information about joining.
  • MRS
    MRS, a Canadian firm, was established in 1979 and focuses on supporting independent financial advisors. It is a federally regulated company. MRS assists advisors by executing trades, clearing and settling trades, providing custody services over the trader's accounts, and by sending the trader email messages about transactions. The website describes their services and fees.
The following articles provide recent email-related news.
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