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The word photographic is an adjective.  Photographic means (1) representing people or nature with the exactness and fidelity of a photographPhotographic is also an adjective that means (1) relating to photography or obtained by using photography.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word photographic.
  • Photographic Equipment and Supplies
    Visit this photographic equipment and supplies directory to find photographic equipment and photographic supplies retailers in the United States. The photo on this web page depicts a camera tripod.
  • Photographic Equipment and Supplies
    Visit this photographic products manufacturer directory for information about photographic equipment and supplies manufacturers and wholesalers in the USA. The photo on this page shows a camera flash unit.
  • Photographic Lighting
    Good lighting is an essential prerequisite for good photography. Learn about lighting and find helpful links to camera shops by state for all of your photography needs.
  • Lens Filters
    A lens may be the most important part of a camera, because it forms and focuses photographic images. A filter, affixed in front of a camera lens, can help protect the lens from damage.
  • How Digital Cameras Work
    Unlike traditional cameras, in which images are transferred onto photographic film, digital cameras focus the image on an array of very small components called charge-coupled devices, or CCDs.
  • Photo Album
    Photography involves creating pictures by recording light onto a light-sensitive medium. Modern day cameras render photographs onto photographic film or, more commonly, electronic image sensors.
  • California Museum of Photography
    Located at the University of California in Riverside, the CMP explores photographic media through exhibition, collection, publication, and the web. The museum examines the history of photography and showcases current practice in photography and related media.
  • American Museum of Photography
    A virtual museum with online exhibitions and photograph collections. Includes listing of photographic processes and a section on preservation. The Museum Bookstore provides current photography titles and art posters.
The following articles provide recent photographic-related news.

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