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The word photography is a noun.  Photography means (1) the occupation of taking and printing photographs or making movies, (2) the act of taking and printing photographs, (3) the process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word photography.
  • Macro Photography
    Macro photography is the art of photographing small items and/or details. Macro photography allows the viewer to see details that would be extremely hard to view with the naked eye.
  • Macro Photography Equipment
    This website details some of the equipment used in macro photography, including reversing rings, filters, lenses, tele converters, and more.
  • California Museum of Photography
    Located at the University of California in Riverside, the CMP explores photographic media through exhibition, collection, publication, and the web. The museum examines the history of photography and showcases current practice in photography and related media.
  • Stock Photography
    Stock Photography is a collection of member-generated, royalty-free images at varying prices. The site features photographs, vector illustrations, flash files, and videos. Membership is free and anyone can contribute to the archive and sell artwork on this site. Users can search for photos by categories, most popular, designer spotlight, recent searches and more.
  • American Museum of Photography
    A virtual museum with online exhibitions and photograph collections. Includes listing of photographic processes and a section on preservation. The Museum Bookstore provides current photography titles and art posters.
  • Pinterest - Photography Board
    This Pinterest gallery features an eclectic mix of digital imagery related to photography and cameras.
  • Aerial Photography Careers
    This aerial photographer page comprises information about aerial photography careers in the United States of America plus a photo of an aerial photographer taking photos from a helicopter.
  • Landscape Photography Careers
    This specialty photographer page comprises information about landscape photography careers in the United States of America plus a photo of a professional landscape photographer using a camera and tripod.
  • Photography Information Guide
    This photography guide features convenient links to photographers, camera shops, and digital cameras, as well as helpful buying guides.
  • Digital Photography Review
    DPreviews, founded in 1998, provides news, reviews and information about digital photography and digital imaging. On the website, users can find reviews and feedback about all types of cameras and other equipment. Further links are to the buying guide, a gallery of photographs taken by the individual cameras, a discussion forum, a glossary and learning site, and more.
  • Camera News
    Browse camera and photography news headlines from selected news sources, visit the referenced news articles, and keep abreast of developments and trends in the photography profession.
  • Photographic Lighting
    Good lighting is an essential prerequisite for good photography. Learn about lighting and find helpful links to camera shops by state for all of your photography needs.
  • Photofinishing
    Browse this photofinishing retailer directory to find photofinishing retailers in the United States. The photo on this web page depicts a photography film processing darkroom.
  • History of Cameras
    Photography owes much to camera obscura, a medieval technology in which an outside image was displayed on to an inside wall or screen.
  • Horse Pictures
    There are several things to keep in mind when photographing your horse. Visit this site to learn proper techniques for horse photography.
  • Photo Album
    Photography involves creating pictures by recording light onto a light-sensitive medium. Modern day cameras render photographs onto photographic film or, more commonly, electronic image sensors.
  • Jupiter Images
    Jupiterimages is a stock photography company with over seven million images online serving creative professionals who want to enhance their projects. Their images come from professionals. Users can search from by image type, CDs, collections and more. Many images are royalty free and/or rights managed.
  • Photo.net
    Learn about photo equipment and photography techniques. Browse the forums and reviews. Good resource for photographers at all skill levels.
  • Digital Cameras
    Digital cameras capture images that can be repeatedly processed and provide instant feedback to the photographer. Learn all about digital cameras with this helpful guide.
  • Free Photos
    This site features information about finding free photos on the web, and the difference between various licensing requirements and user restrictions.
  • The Photo Market
    This website gives information about the regulations of each segment of the photo market - advertising, editorial, corporate, and merchandise.
  • Arts Information Guide
    This arts guide comprises hundreds of carefully selected and categorized web pages about various arts-related topics.
  • Webshots Community
    On this website, users can browse through thousands of photographs on almost any subject imaginable. Users can also submit photographs, create online albums, slideshows, and ecards.
  • Coppermine Photo Gallery
    Coppermine is an advanced, user-friendly, picture gallery script. It is used for creating online photo albums and is free. Users can choose to make their galleries private or open to all viewers. Photos can be organized by theme. The software also allows for thumbnail creation and an ecard feature. The website describes the software and provides instructions for downloading and using.
  • Flickr
    Flickr, a Canadian company, was launched in 2004. It is a popular site for photo sharing. In addition, it is used by bloggers as a photo repository. Users can use Flickr to produce customized greeting cards, stamps, photo albums, and calendars. Flickr provides numerous ways for users to organize and categorize their photos. Users can also view photos in many different categories.
The following articles provide recent photography-related news. The following pages provide more extensive photography news.
  • Photography News
    Recent news stories about the topic photography, aggregated from diverse, English-language news sources.
    Regional Directory News. 
  • Photography Tweets
    Recent English-language tweets that include the hashtag photography.

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