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The word art is a noun.  Art means (1) the creation of beautiful or significant things, (2) the products of human creativity; works of art collectively, (3) a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation, (4) photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word art.
  • Art Museum Directory
    Browse this art museum directory for information about art museums in the United States of America. The photograph on this page depicts a young woman viewing paintings in an art museum.
  • Art Schools
    Art schools educate students in the visual arts, including art education, ceramics, painting, sculpture, studio art, and graphic design. Page includes an art and design school directory.
  • Fine Art Prints
    Fine art is art that is produced for aesthetic enjoyment, rather than utilitarian purpose. Fine art prints encompass realistic, expressionistic, and abstract styles of drawing and painting.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
    Located in Grant Park, the encyclopedic Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) is associated with a school of the same name. As one of the largest art museums in the USA, its permanent collection features Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art as well as American art, Old Masters, decorative arts, Asian art, and modern and contemporary art. Industrial, graphic, and architecture design exhibits are also on display in this Beaux-Arts style building.
  • Art School Directory
    Browse this art school directory for information about art schools in the United States of America. The photograph on this page shows Hartford Art School in West Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Digital Art Prints
    Digital fine art prints are reproductions of original artwork using a special type of digital photography. Learn more about digital fine art prints with this helpful guide.
  • Art History Introduction
    Offers an introduction to visual art history. Read about art movements, read famous artist's biographies, browse online art galleries, and find major art museums.
  • Art a GoGo
    Provides news about art and the art world. The website includes information about art events and reviews as well as interviews with those involved in the arts.
  • Mother of All Art and Art History Links Pages
    Produced at the University of Michigan. This site is an extensive listing of art history departments, research resources, online art, fine arts schools, art museums, and more.
  • Artist and Art Studio Directory
    Browse this artist and art studio directory for information about artists and art studios in the United States of America. The photograph on this page depicts an artist painting a picture.
  • Art Supplies
    Visit this art supplies retailer directory for information about art supplies dealers in the USA. The illustration on this web page depicts art supplies, consisting of paintbrushes, paint, and a palette.
  • Art History at Loggia
    Explores the history of art with information about artists, styles, and periods. Includes resources and reference materials about art history, searchable database, and forums.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Premier art museum in New York City. Website offers an overview of the collection of 2 million works of all time periods and places. Also on the site are visitor information, exhibit and concert schedules, an art history timeline, and a link to the Met Store.
  • Fine Art America
    Fine Art America is a network for gallery owners, art collectors, visual artists, and photographers. They provide ready-to-hang art prints, market them to a global audience, and send profits to the artists.
  • Watercolor Art History
    The history of watercolor art is first documented in early cave dwelling paintings, but modern watercolor painting techniques emerged during the 15th century with the landscape paintings of Albrecht Durer.
  • Artnet - Art Galleries, Artworks, and Events
    Listing of galleries by categories including fine arts, design, decorative arts and antiques, exhibitions, and art fairs and new galleries.
  • Art Paintings Directory
    Browse this art paintings directory for information about art painting suppliers in the United States of America. The oil painting on this page depicts red poppy flowers.
  • Art Supplies
    Visit this art supplies vendor directory for information about art supplies manufacturers in the United States of America. The photo on this page shows an artist palette and paintbrushes on a wooden board.
  • Art Museums
    This art museum list includes art museums that feature watercolor artworks in their collections. Most of the museums listed are located in the USA.
  • The Walters Art Museum
    The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland is internationally renowned for its collection of art bequeathed to the city by William and Henry Walters.
  • Art Museum Network
    The Art Museum Network is a resource and review website for art museum related information.
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is the largest art museum in the western United States with an impressive collection.
  • MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art
    Visitors will find an extensive collection of modern art at this well-known New York City art museum.
  • National Gallery of Art
    The National Gallery of Art is located in Washington, D.C. It houses, preserves, and exhibits a large collection of art works.
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
    One of the largest art museums in the United States. It preserves and exhibits a diverse selection of art.
The following articles provide recent art-related news.
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