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The word rates is a noun.  Rates means (1) a local tax on property (usually used in the plural).
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word rates.
  • Home Mortgage Rates
    Broadly, there are two types of home mortgages: fixed rate mortgages and variable rate mortgages (often called adjustable rate mortgages).
  • Federal Funds Rate
    View this website to learn about the Federal Funds rate, which is the rate at which banks lend money to each other from their deposits to the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • World Currencies
    This website gives a brief detail about world currencies and exchange rates. Information about the European Central Bank and other related topics is included.
  • Financing News
    Browse financing news headlines from news sources around the world, read referenced news articles about interest rates and loans, and stay up-to-date concerning business financing trends and developments.
  • Real Estate Markets
    In the housing market, no two areas are exactly the same. This is because things like local job growth, income growth, mortgage rates, and net migration all factor in to the local housing market.
  • Yahoo Finance
    Provides up-to-date Stock quotes, business market news, mortgage rates, currency information, and more.
  • Bankrate.com
    This site is an aggregator of financial rate information. Provides free rate information on more than 300 financial products. This includes mortgage rates, ATM fees, new and used car loans, money market accounts, and more.
  • CBOE: Chicago Board Options Exchange
    CBOE began in 1973 as the first options exchange. It now offers a wide array of investment products, including options on equities, indices, interest rates, exchange traded funds, HOLDRs, and futures. On the website, users can find quotes, market statistics, symbols, and learning tools for investing. Other features include an investment simulation and a section on trading tools.
  • CheapTickets
    This website is primarily a place to find the best deals in air travel and book flights, but it also is a site where users can make hotel and car reservations, and get tickets for live events. The site also offers special deals, vacation packages, cars and rail, cruises, last minute trips, and more. They also offer special rates for volunteer programs.
  • Ciao
    Ciao, based in the UK, is an online community that reviews and rates products and services for the benefit of other consumers. Joining is free. Businesses can also partner with Ciao and get the benefits of the millions of users. The website is searchable by product and also has a place to sign up for both users and businesses.
  • Ethnologue
    Ethnologue is an online version of a book that has been in publication and revised since 1951. It is a compilation of the 7299 known languages in the world. Ethnologue is useful to linguists, translators, anthropologists and others. Each language is described and cross-referenced by other names for it. Endangered languages are given their own section. Also: language maps, literacy rates, and more.
  • NetZero
    Netzero provides Internet access at a lower cost than many of its competitors. Membership includes free email, free instant messaging, and free voice mail. On the site users can find out how to switch to NetZero, what their rates are, and a description of all their services.
  • NexTag
    NexTag, which was launched in 1999, is a comparison-shopping site for products, financial services, travel and much more. Users can search by type of product, such as baby, books and CDs, or by service, such as travel or mortgages. Users can also find comparisons of hotel rates and search for online degrees.
  • OANDA.com
    Oanda, the Currency Site: Foreign Exchange Services and Trading, is an online source for checking the exchange rates between any two types of currency in the world. The website is useful for traders, travelers, and businesspeople.
    STA Travel is the world's largest student travel organization helping students travel in over 90 countries. On the site, students can find inexpensive flights both domestic and international; special rates for accommodations; car rentals; global phones; city tours and transfers; bus and rail offers and more. Students can also link to STA Travel online communities such as Facebook.
  • Wachovia
    Wachovia, with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a complete banking service. It serves over 13 million customers and has 5,100 ATMs. Wachovia offers banking online, as well as auto and home loans. The website can be accessed in either English or Spanish. On it, users can find out about Wachovia services and locations, interest rates, and insurance, and more.
  • XE.com
    XE calls itself the world's favorite currency site. It has a quick currency converter on which a user can put in an amount of money in any currency and choose another to find it the value. It also has a chart of the most commonly used currency rates. Users can also sign up for other tools such as an email currency update service, a travel expenses converter, and more.
  • AreaVibes - City Guides and Demographics
    AreaVibes helps people find good places to live by scoring a series of metrics for cities and neighborhoods in each state of the USA. Metrics include cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing, weather, transportation, and health.
The following articles provide recent rates-related news.
  • Flood Insurance Costs Are Set to Skyrocket for Some
    New federal flood insurance rates that better reflect the real risks of climate change are coming. For some, premiums will rise sharply.
    Christopher Flavelle.  New York Times.  Friday, 24 Sep 2021 19:18:39 +0000.
  • Average age of Californians dying of COVID-19 getting younger
    State health officials said the decrease in the average age of those dying from COVID-19 is likely related to lower vaccination rates among younger adults.
    Rong-gong Lin Ii, Luke Money.  Los Angeles Times.  Friday, 24 Sep 2021 14:41:18 GMT.
  • ETFs to Bet On as Fed Turns Hawkish, Signals Tapering
    The Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell kept the interest rates near zero at 0-0.25% but signaled bond-buying tapering ahead followed by interest rate hikes as early as next year.
    Sweta Killa.  Zacks.  Thursday, 23 Sep 2021 15:30:00 GMT.

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