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Russia is a proper noun.  Russia is (1) a former communist country in eastern Europe and northern Asia; established in 1922; included Russia and 14 other soviet socialist republics (Ukraine and Byelorussia an others); officially dissolved 31 December 1991, (2) a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state, (3) formerly the largest Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR occupying eastern Europe and northern Asia.
The following articles provide more information about the proper noun Russia.
  • Russia Relief Map
    Russia occupies the entire area of northern Asia and a portion of northeastern Europe. The Ural Mountains divide European Russia in the west from the Siberian Plain located in the east.
  • Russia Locator Map
    This address locator map can help you find points of interest throughout Russia. You will also find information and links to a relief map and travel guide for Russia.
  • Geographia - Russia
    Dominating the northern half of Eurasia, Russia and its vast natural and cultural wonders are attracting visitors from around the world. The western part of the country, with its traditional ties to Europe, provides a tremendous cultural and historical venue. East of the Urals, along the seemingly interminable trans-Siberian railway, lies the Russian heartland.
  • Russian Flag
    The national flag of the Russian Federation is a simple design of wide horizontal bands of white, blue, and red from top to bottom. This current flag is actually the original design.
  • Central Asia Map
    Find a helpful topographical map of central Asia including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other central Asian countries as well as and parts of China, India, Mongolia, and Russia.
  • Map Of Finland
    The country of Finland is home to five million people and one of the largest countries in Europe. Finland is about 700 miles long and bordered by Sweden, Norway, and Russia.
  • Map Of Norway
    The country of Norway is located in the western and northern areas of Scandinavia and borders Finland, Sweden, and Russia. Mountains, glaciers, and lakes comprise about 70% of the country.
  • News about Russia
    News headlines, summaries, and article links as well as a map and facts about the Eurasian nation of Russia.
The following articles provide recent Russia-related news.
  • OPEC and Russia Reach Deal to Raise Oil Production
    Oil producers in the OPEC Plus group reached a compromise on a modest production increase, but the talks revealed strains in the group.
    Stanley Reed.  New York Times.  Friday, 04 Dec 2020 10:06:51 +0000.
  • US, Estonia Partnered to Search Out Cyber Threat From Russia
    The goal was not only to help a NATO partner long targeted by its powerful neighbor but also to gain insight on Russian tactics that could be used against US and its elections.
    Voice of America.  Thursday, 03 Dec 2020 12:25:55 -0500.
  • Trump blasts special counsel Durham for moving too slowly
    President Trump on Wednesday vented frustration with special counsel John Durham for not completing an investigation into the FBI's Russia probe before the election.In a 45-minute long ...
    Jonathan Easley.  The Hill.  Wednesday, 02 Dec 2020 22:57:52 +0000.
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Russia Flag
Russia Flag

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