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Russian is a proper noun.  Russian is (1) the Slavic language that is the official language of Russia, (2) a native or inhabitant of Russia.
The following articles provide more information about the proper noun Russian.
  • Russian Flag
    The national flag of the Russian Federation is a simple design of wide horizontal bands of white, blue, and red from top to bottom. This current flag is actually the original design.
  • Russia Travel Guide
    Most of Russia is rural and undeveloped but Moscow and St. Petersburg attract many visitors annually. Learn more about points of interest with this Russian travel guide.
  • Geographia - Russia
    Dominating the northern half of Eurasia, Russia and its vast natural and cultural wonders are attracting visitors from around the world. The western part of the country, with its traditional ties to Europe, provides a tremendous cultural and historical venue. East of the Urals, along the seemingly interminable trans-Siberian railway, lies the Russian heartland.
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Russian Nesting Doll Russian Nesting Doll
Russian Nesting Doll

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