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The word school is a noun.  School means (1) a building where young people receive education, (2) the process of being formally educated at a school, (3) a large group of fish, (4) a body of creative artists or writers or thinkers linked by a similar style or by similar teachers, (5) an educational institution, (6) an educational institution's faculty and students, (7) the period of instruction in a school; the time period when schools is in sessionSchool is also a verb that means (1) swim in or form a large group of fish, (2) educate in or as if in a school, (3) train to be discriminative in taste or judgment.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word school.
  • Schools Directory
    Browse this school directory for information about schools and other educational institutions throughout the United States. The photo on this page shows a young lad holding several books and a red apple, on his first day back to school.
  • School Furniture Directory
    Visit this school furniture vendor directory for information about school furniture vendors in the United States of America. The photo on this page shows a vintage wooden school desk and chair.
  • School Supplies and Equipment
    Browse this school supplies and equipment vendor directory for info about school supplies and equipment manufacturers and distributors in the United States. The photo on this page shows a backpack filled with school supplies.
  • School Supplies and Equipment
    Visit this school supplies and equipment retailer directory to find school supplies and school equipment retailers in the USA. The composite illustration on this web page depicts various back-to-school supplies.
  • Secretarial School Directory
    Visit this secretarial school directory for information about secretarial schools in the United States of America. The photo on this page depicts three secretaries at a secretarial school.
  • Bren School of Information and Computer Science
    The Donald Bren School, part of the UC Irvine campus of the University of California, was founded as a Department in 1968 and established as an independent School in 2002. There are about 1200 students, undergraduate and graduate, and 60 faculty members. The Bren School is the largest computing program in the UC system. Information about applying, visiting, and more on the website.
  • I&C School of Computer and Communication SCI
    The school, part of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is one of the major European centers of teaching and research in information technology. The school has about 1000 students at all levels and a faculty of 40. There is also information in French about applying.
  • Stanford University School of Medicine
    This is the website for the medical school of Stanford University. The school offers degrees in many subjects besides just training MDs, such as PhD programs, Master's programs, and primary care associate degrees. The entering class for the MD program is less than 100. The website provides information about applying and financial aid.
  • Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science
    The website for the School of Computer Science has 6 divisions that are fully described, plus a number of Institutes within the divisions such as the Robotics Institute, Entertainment Technology, and others. The school offers degrees at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. Information about the programs, how to apply, and much more is available on the website.
  • London Business School
    London Business School, which began in 1966, calls itself the most global of schools. It offers an MBA, Executive MBA, EMBA-Global, Dubai-London Executive MBA, PhD, and others. There are 1400 students from 131 countries and 92 faculty members from 20 countries. The School also has partners with schools in the U.S., China, and others. Full information about programs and applying on the website.
  • John C. Campbell Folk School
    John C. Campbell Folk School, located in Brasstown, North Carolina, offers year-round weekend and weeklong classes for adults in arts and crafts, music and dance, cooking and gardening, as well as nature studies, photography and writing.
  • National Middle School Association
    The only national association devoted exclusively to the educational needs of young adolescents, NMSA is an advocacy group that works with legislators and educators. The site also contains research reports and other information pertaining to middle school education, educators, and researchers.
  • Virtual Middle School Library
    Created by a former middle school librarian, this site contains resources for students, teachers, calendars and timelines, recommended reading lists, and lists of online newspapers and magazines.
  • Yestermorrow Design/Build School
    The mission of this unique design/build school is to inspire students to create a more sustainable world by providing hands-on education that includes design and craft experiences as a creative, interactive process.
  • Tepper School of Business
    Among the world's top business schools, the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University gives students analytical skills for a lifetime competitive advantage.
  • Rhode Island School of Design
    Rhode Island School of Design is a fine arts and design college that is located in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • The Home School Mom
    Provides newsletters, lesson plans, suggestions, sources for free material, and support for parents who homeschool their children.
    Founded in 1921, the National Association of Elementary School Principals is the largest and oldest advocacy group for elementary school principals. Numerous publications and information about resources for school principals.
    Founded in 1916, the mission of the National Association of Secondary School Principals is to promote excellence in school principals. The website offers research, publications, practical tools, and resources. It also founded the National Honor Society for students.
  • Engineering Schools
    Engineering schools educate students in various engineering disciplines including chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, and mechanical. Page includes an engineering school directory.
  • Art Schools
    Art schools educate students in the visual arts, including art education, ceramics, painting, sculpture, studio art, and graphic design. Page includes an art and design school directory.
  • Visual Arts Guide
    This visual arts guide contains information about photography and the fine arts, as well as links to visual arts products and related sites.
  • Classroom Furniture
    Traditional classroom furniture includes desks, tables, and chairs, but may also include bookcases, shelves, and lecture podiums. Classroom furniture is usually constructed of wood and/or metal.
  • Ohio State University
    OSU, the largest state university, was first established in 1870 just north of Columbus. The total number of students at OSU is almost 52,000. The School has a dental school, law school, medical school, school of allied medical professions, The John Glenn School of Public Affairs, Business school, and others. Information about visiting and applying on the website.
The following articles provide recent school-related news. The following pages provide more extensive school news.
  • School News
    Recent news stories about the topic schools, aggregated from diverse, English-language news sources.
    Regional Directory News. 
  • School Tweets
    Recent English-language tweets that include the hashtag schools.
The following digital image illustrates the word school.
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School Collage

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