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The phrase washing machine is a noun.  Washing Machine means (1) a home appliance for washing clothes and linens automatically.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the phrase washing machine.
  • Washing Machines and Dryers
    Visit this washing machines and dryers retailer directory to find washing machine and dryer retailers in the USA. The photo on this web page depicts a washer and a dryer in a laundry room.
  • Washing Machines
    Modern washing machines make the chore of laundry much easier! Washing machines typically come in top-loading or front-loading styles, and are available in varying sizes, colors, and energy efficiency ratings.
  • Laundry Directory
    Visit this laundry product and service directory for information about laundry solution providers in the United States of America. The photo on this page shows a washing machine with overflowing soapsuds in a laundry room.
The following articles provide recent washing machine-related news.
  • How to Stop a Washing Machine From Shaking
    Prevent excessive noise and potential damage by taking these steps to stop a shaking washing machine.
    Timothy Dale.  Bob Vila.  Monday, 18 Oct 2021 13:02:25 -0400.
  • Why Washing Machine Timers Get It Wrong
    You set your washing machine for a 50-minute cycle. Sixty minutes later, it's still spinning. Here's why it lies to you.
    Jake Rossen.  Mental Floss.  Tuesday, 18 May 2021 15:30:00 +0000.
  • Speed Queen TR7 review - CNET
    Speed Queen's TR7 top-loader is the worst washing machine we've ever reviewed.
    Megan Wollerton.  CNET.  Thursday, 19 Apr 2018 19:35:47 +0000.
The following digital image illustrates the phrase washing machine.
Washing Machine in Laundry Room Washing Machine in Laundry Room
Mother and Daughter using a Washing Machine

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