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The word illustration is a noun.  Illustration means (1) a visual representation (a picture or diagram) that is used make some subject more pleasing or easier to understand, (2) an item of information that is representative of a type, (3) showing by example, (4) artwork that helps make something clear or attractive.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word illustration.
  • National Museum of American Illustration
    Located in Newport, Rhode Island, this museum presents artworks from the Golden Age of American Illustration. Illustrators and artists such as Howard Pyle, Charles Dana Gibson, Norman Rockwell, and Maxfield Parrish are represented in the gallery.
  • Society of Illustrators
    Founded in 1901, this Society strives to promote the art and appreciation of illustration, as well as its history and evolving character.
  • Adoption Attorney Directory
    Browse this adoption attorney directory for information about adoption attorneys in the USA. The illustration on this page depicts an adoptive parent reaching out to an adopted child.
  • ATV Dealer Directory
    Browse this ATV dealer directory for information about ATV dealers in the United States of America. The illustration on this page depicts several ATV riders silhouetted against an abstract, reflective background.
  • Advertising Specialties
    Visit this advertising specialties directory for information about advertising specialty manufacturers and wholesalers in the USA. The illustration on this page depicts typical advertising promotional items.
  • Archery Equipment and Supplies
    Browse this archery equipment and supplies directory for information about archery equipment and supplies manufacturers in the United States. The illustration on this page depicts an archer using archery equipment.
  • Art Supplies
    Visit this art supplies retailer directory for information about art supplies dealers in the USA. The illustration on this web page depicts art supplies, consisting of paintbrushes, paint, and a palette.
  • Auto Body Equipment and Supplies
    Browse this auto body equipment and supplies directory to find auto body equipment and auto body supplies retailers in the United States. The illustration on this page depicts two men, holding a windshield and a paint spray gun, respectively.
The following articles provide recent illustration-related news.
  • How This Entrepreneur Quit Her Job To Ink Deals, One Illustration At A Time
    From pumping gas to inking licensing deals for her fashion illustrations business, Jalima Saliba created an exit strategy from her full-time job, pursued and conquered.
    By Vicki Salemi, Contributor.  Forbes.  Friday, 31 Aug 2018 16:32:00 -0400.
  • Winnie-the-Pooh illustration sells for £430k
    The original map of The Hundred Acre Wood, illustrated by Winnie-the-Pooh artist EH Shepard, has set a new record at auction.
    Sky News.  Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 15:21:00 +0100.
  • In Morocco, an Imported Team for the World Cup
    A modern illustration of how nations have turned to a global diaspora to achieve success in soccer, and how resurgent nationalism in Europe is affecting their choices.
    Tariq Panja.  New York Times.  Wednesday, 06 Jun 2018 02:50:17 GMT.

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