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The word professional is a noun.  Professional means (1) an authority qualified to teach apprentices, (2) a person engaged in one of the learned professions, (3) an athlete who plays for payProfessional is also an adjective that means (1) characteristic of or befitting a profession or one engaged in a professionProfessional is also an adjective that means (1) engaged in by members of a professionProfessional is also an adjective that means (1) of or relating to a profession, (2) of or relating to or suitable as a profession.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word professional.
  • American Academy of Professional Coders
    Founded in 1988, AAPC provides education and professional certification to physician-based medical coders and strives to elevate the standards of medical coding by providing student training, certification, ongoing education, networking, and job opportunities. The AAPC also deals with training and credentials in documentation and coding audits, regulatory compliance, and physician practice management.
  • Professional Paddlesports Association
    In 1977, several paddlesports businesspeople founded the National Association of Canoe Liveries and Outfitters Inc. (NACLO). In November 1995 members changed the organization's name to the Professional Paddlesports Association to better represent the comprehensive paddlesports industry. Today, this association strives to increase people's safe and enjoyable participation in paddlesports through the information it provides about safety, paddling locations, and paddling basics.
  • AIGA: The Professional Association for Design
    AIGA was founded as the American Institute of Graphic Arts in 1914. Now it represents more than 19,000 designers. AIGA provides five main functions for designers: information, communication, inspiration, validation, and representation. On the website, designers can find out how to join the AIGA and information about competitions, events, publications, and much more.
  • Professional Association of Diving Instructors
    Founded in 1966, PADI is a leading scuba diving training organization. With more than forty years experience and thousands of dive shops and resorts worldwide, PADI training materials and services let divers experience scuba diving from nearly anywhere.
  • Linked In
    Headquartered in California, LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as a way for professionals to connect with each other; it has become the largest professional network on the Internet, with more than 100 million members worldwide.
  • Baseball Teams
    Baseball was introduced during the early 1800s and soon caught fire with the public. In 1858, baseball was institutionalized by the National Association of Base Ball Players.
  • Operabase
    Monitors and records operatic activity since 1996. Over 185,000 performances are on file, searchable by performance, artist, manager, company, and festival. Access to professional tools for performance and artists on an advanced website called Operabase Professional.
  • PRSA: Public Relations Society of America
    PRSA, chartered in 1947, is the world's largest organization for public relations professionals with nearly 32,000 members and 100 Chapters. Its primary mission is to enhance the profession and to provide further professional development opportunities through continuing education programs. The website provides information about membership, conferences, publications, and professional development.
  • Association of Field Ornithologists
    The Association of Field Ornithologists (AFO) is a society of professional and amateur ornithologists dedicated to the scientific study and dissemination of information about birds in their natural habitats. Founded in 1922 as the New England Bird Banding Association, this origin promoted an emphasis on bird banding and field techniques. Today, the AFO publishes the Journal of Field Ornithology and serves as a bridge between the professional and the amateur ornithologist.
  • Cabinet Makers Association (CMA)
    The Cabinet Makers Association is a professional organization where cabinetmakers and woodworkers from both the residential and commercial markets get together and share their hard-earned knowledge and experience to help one another. The Cabinet Makers Association strives to uphold a high level of professionalism in the industry by providing its members with networking opportunities, continuing education, and ongoing professional development.
  • Italian Foods Guide
    Browse this Italian foods guide and directory to learn about Italian food ingredients and Italian cooking styles. A photo of a professional Italian chef is included on the page. The photo on this page shows a smiling Italian chef.
  • Landscape Architecture Careers
    This landscape architect page comprises information about landscape architecture careers in the United States of America plus a photo of a professional landscape design drawing.
  • Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
    Visit this carpet cleaning equipment and supplies retailer directory to find carpet cleaning equipment and supplies retailers in the USA. The photo on this web page depicts professional carpet cleaning equipment.
  • Camera Shops
    Local camera shops are a good resource for budding and professional photographers alike. They feature a variety of digital and film cameras, lenses, lighting, and accessories.
  • Camera Accessories
    Camera bags and tripods are important accessories for the amateur or professional photographer. Learn more and find a helpful directory of camera shops by state.
  • Professionals
    Use this helpful professionals directory to locate architects, engineers, nutritionists, travel agents, and other business professional in all fifty states.
  • Surf Shops
    Picture of a surf shop in southern California. Surfing is a favorite form of recreation for many people who love the ocean. Surf shops cater to amateur surfers as well as avid, professional surfers.
  • Team Names
    Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League comprise the four major professional sports leagues in North America.
  • Meteorologists
    Meteorologists study how the atmosphere affects our environment, and specifically how it relates to weather. Learn about the educational requirements and professional responsibilities of meteorologists.
  • Zeducorp
    Founded in 1983, Zeducorp is a professional consulting firm that offers web consulting and marketing solutions, including targeted website marketing and custom database development services.
  • UCSD Extension
    This is the website for the University of California, San Diego Extension program. It is one of the largest continuing education providers in the world with over 500,000 California students. There are 3 major areas of service: professional education and training, cultural enrichment, and regional economic solutions.
  • AAS - American Astronomical Society
    The AAS is the major association of professional astronomers. Its aim is to promote astronomy and related fields. The AAS holds meetings, publishes journals, provides career services, offers grants and scholarships and many other services.
  • American Psychological Association
    Based in Washington D.C., the APA is a scientific and professional organization with 148,000 members worldwide. The website describes the organization, mission, programs, policies, reports, and membership information.
  • Ribanet
    Professional association of architects in the UK and elsewhere. Site features architectural news, exhibitions, architect directories, and an extensive architecture resources library.
The following articles provide recent professional-related news.
  • How To Establish Credibility In A Self-Introduction
    If you want others to take you seriously and to recognize your value in professional settings, be intentional about how you speak about yourself.
    By Starla Sampaco, Contributor.  Forbes.  Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023 10:15:03 -0400.
  • FA proposes £15m WSL loan in bid to break funding impasse
    The Football Association (FA) has offered to lend £15m to fund the creation of a new holding company for the commercial activities of the women's professional game after months of talks about how to fund its expansion.
    Sky News.  Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023 10:34:00 +0100.
  • HeardThat, AI Noise Solution, Launches Professional Program for Audiologists
    Breakthrough app now offers a professional license and other benefits, enabling hearing health professionals to support hearing aid and non-hearing aid users with hearing speech in noise VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. ...
    PRWeb.  Tuesday, 26 Sep 2023 14:00:00 +0000.
The following pages provide more extensive professional news.
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