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The word training is a noun.  Training means (1) activity leading to skilled behavior, (2) the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior).
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word training.
  • Computer Training Directory
    Browse this computer training vendor directory for information about computer training courses and services vendors in the USA. The illustration hereon depicts a computer-training classroom, with a teacher, students, and laptop computers.
  • Pet Training Directory
    Browse this pet training directory for information about pet trainers and pet training services throughout the United States of America. The photo on this page shows a woman training a pet dog.
  • Dog Training Supplies
    Browse this dog training supplies retailer directory for info about dog training supplies retailers in the United States. The photo on this web page depicts a trained dog retrieving an orange dummy.
  • Trainingmag
    Trainingmag has been published for over 40 years as a professional development magazine, produced by Manage Smarter, which publishes other magazines as well. Trainingmag deals with training and development at all levels of business. On the website, users can find articles about training such as successful orientation, sales training, and mentoring. There is also information about subscribing.
  • SANS Institute
    SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute was established in 1989 as a cooperative research and education organization. It is the largest source for information security training, certification and research. Many SANS resources such as Storm Center are free, as are many original research papers. SANS trains more than 12,000 people a year. Information about training is on the website.
  • American Academy of Professional Coders
    Founded in 1988, AAPC provides education and professional certification to physician-based medical coders and strives to elevate the standards of medical coding by providing student training, certification, ongoing education, networking, and job opportunities. The AAPC also deals with training and credentials in documentation and coding audits, regulatory compliance, and physician practice management.
  • National Association of Underwater Instructors
    NAUI Worldwide has been teaching people to dive safely since 1959. This respected, non-profit dive training and certifying organization offers a full range of training programs from Skin Diver through Instructor Course Director, as well as specialty courses like Nitrox and Technical Diving.
  • Professional Association of Diving Instructors
    Founded in 1966, PADI is a leading scuba diving training organization. With more than forty years experience and thousands of dive shops and resorts worldwide, PADI training materials and services let divers experience scuba diving from nearly anywhere.
  • Exercise Bikes
    An exercise or stationary bike is an effective way to get an aerobic workout indoors. It is ideal for when the weather is bad, and it can be used by cyclists for training during the off-season.
  • UCSD Extension
    This is the website for the University of California, San Diego Extension program. It is one of the largest continuing education providers in the world with over 500,000 California students. There are 3 major areas of service: professional education and training, cultural enrichment, and regional economic solutions.
  • Stanford University School of Medicine
    This is the website for the medical school of Stanford University. The school offers degrees in many subjects besides just training MDs, such as PhD programs, Master's programs, and primary care associate degrees. The entering class for the MD program is less than 100. The website provides information about applying and financial aid.
    The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is dedicated to exploring complementary and alternative healing practices in the context of rigorous science, training researchers, and disseminating authoritative information to the public and professionals.
  • AdobePress
    AdobePress is known for its high-quality books and is the official source for training materials for Adobe products. On the site, users can find out what titles have been published for each of the Adobe products. There is also a link to get information about writing and working for Adobe.
  • Freedom Scientific
    Freedom Scientific produces assistive and adaptive technology for individuals who are blind, or how low vision or learning disabilities. The website contains information about products that can take notes, translate documents into Braille, screen magnification devices, and the accessories which go with these products. Also online are links to support services and training.
  • Fujitsu
    Fujitsu is a Japanese IT vendor that sells consumer and business computing products in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. They offer a full range of products from platforms to servers and workstations, software, training, licensing, and help upgrading products as necessary. All of the information about the company and products is on the site.
  • International Labour Organization
    The ILO is a UN Organization that brings together governments, employers, and workers in an effort to promote decent work throughout the world. It was founded in 1919 and became part of the UN in 1946. The ILO sets labor standards, helps provide vocational training, keeps labor statistics, checks work conditions, and much more. Meetings and publications are also discussed on the website.
  • International Monetary Fund
    The IMF, located in Washington D.C., was founded in 1944 along with the World Bank. The IMF has three main types of work: surveillance of the world's finances, lending money to countries, technical assistance and training. At the same time, IMF keeps copious statistics and reports. The website describes their efforts, gives statistics, IMF news, publications, and more.
  • Internet Systems Consortium
    ISC is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation dedicated to supporting the infrastructure of the universal, connected, self-organizing Internet by developing and maintaining core production quality software, protocols, and operations. On the website, users can find out information about software, publications, training, and much more.
  • NetLibrary
    NetLibrary is a division of the OCLC (the Online Computer Library Center). NetLibrary provides libraries and publishers with an e-platform on which to support ebooks, eAudiobooks, and other types of e-content. With NetLibrary, libraries can order and manage ematerials. The website contains full information about their products and services, including installation and training.
  • National Fire Protection Association
    Established in 1896 and located in Boston, the NFPA serves as an advocate of fire prevention and is an authoritative source on public safety. NFPA provides and advocates consensus codes and standards, research, training, and education. Users can find out how to join the NFPA, look at the products they sell which include up-to-date fire safety products, educational items, and more.
  • National Safety Council
    The NSC, founded in 1913, is a non-profit, non-governmental, international public service organization dedicated to protecting life and promoting health. Their mission is to educate and influence society to prevent accidental death or injury. The website has information on first aid, products and services, training, resources, news, and more.
  • PTC
    PTC, founded in 1985, is in the business of product development. They provide Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software to companies. The website describes their products and the types of solutions they can provide by industry size and type. There is also a section on services and training, a resource center, white papers, a store, and more.
  • Qarbon
    Founded in 1997, Qarbon is a producer of presentation software. With it, trainers, technologists, marketers, or support personnel can create and publish interactive presentations, demos, simulations and tutorials in minutes. The software is currently used by such organizations as BlackBoard.com, Sony, Lucent, Turner Broadcasting, and many others. They also provide service and training.
The following articles provide recent training-related news.
  • Dean Martin 'never recovered' from son's death in military training flight
    Dean Paul Martin, an actor and oldest son of Dean Martin, died in 1987. He was 35. The elder Martin's pals would later say that the Rat Pack member never recovered from the tragedy.
    Fox News.  Saturday, 13 Jul 2024 04:30:43 -0400.
  • Cat Macario to miss Olympics with knee injury
    Forward Catarina Macario will miss the Olympics with what United States women's national team head coach Emma Hayes called "knee irritation" that developed during training this week.
    Jeff Kassouf.  ESPN.  Friday, 12 Jul 2024 12:47:24 EST.
  • Aberdeen take disciplinary action as Duk goes AWOL
    Aberdeen say they are taking disciplinary action against Duk after the Cape Verde forward "failed to report to training and is currently absent without permission".
    BBC News.  Friday, 12 Jul 2024 17:00:49 GMT.
The following pages provide more extensive training news.
  • Training News
    Recent news stories about the topic training, aggregated from diverse, English-language news sources.
    Regional Directory News. 
  • Training Tweets
    Recent English-language tweets that include the hashtag training.

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