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The word teacher is a noun.  Teacher means (1) a personified abstraction that teaches, (2) a person whose occupation is teaching.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word teacher.
  • Education Schools
    Well-qualified teachers are in great demand for both elementary and secondary schools. Learn about the educational requirements to become a teacher.
  • Computer Training Directory
    Browse this computer training vendor directory for information about computer training courses and services vendors in the USA. The illustration hereon depicts a computer-training classroom, with a teacher, students, and laptop computers.
  • Music Instruction Directory
    Visit this music instructor directory for information about music instructors in the United States of America. The illustration on this page depicts a piano teacher and her student sitting at a piano.
  • United States Department of Education
    The DOE was created in 1980 to foster educational excellence and ensure equal access. On the website, users can read about current topics in educational news, search by student, teacher, administrator, or parent, look at information centers on financial aid, grants, policy, research and statistics, and other programs. Most useful is a link to teaching aids that covers many subjects and grade levels.
  • Education World
    Founded in 1996 to make the Internet more user friendly for educators. The website includes: a search engine for educational sites only, original content such as lesson plans written by educators, site reviews, daily features and columns, teacher and principal profiles, chats, and employment listings. All services are free.
  • The Hunger Site
    The Hunger Site was started in 1999 as an attempt to launch the power of the Internet to end world hunger. The site provides ways of donating or purchasing products that will help fund projects around the world. There are also links to other causes such as breast cancer, child health, and more. Users can also find specific information on the projects, artisans, and teacher resources.
The following articles provide recent teacher-related news.
  • Students' struggles pushed Peru teacher to run for president
    As schools across Peru closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Pedro Castillo tried to find a way to keep classes going for his 20 fifth- and sixth-grade students
    Via Ap News Wire.  The Independent.  Sunday, 18 Apr 2021 13:47:43 GMT.
  • School teacher receives $16K tax bill after raising $41K for charity
    A middle school teacher received a $16,000 tax bill after he raised over $41,000 on Facebook to help his neighbors pay for food and rent during the coronavirus pandemic.Louis Goffinet originally ...
    Lexi Lonas.  The Hill.  Saturday, 17 Apr 2021 20:19:27 +0000.
  • Conn.'s Jahana Hayes named 2016 National Teacher of the Year
    Every year, thousands of teachers are nominated for the National Teacher of the Year. This year's final four were chosen for their ability to develop students' minds and character, as well as inspire social awareness. ...
    CBS News.  Friday, 16 Apr 2021 15:01:10 -0400.
The following digital image illustrates the word teacher.
Math Teacher
Math Teacher

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